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SOLV it with SOLV Technology’s Missing Persons tool

SOLV-Technology’s Missing Person tool helps supercharge your Missing Persons investigations or search by talking to thousands of people. SOLV work with Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Response Agencies and Missing Persons Charities / NGOs. SOLV lets those organisations broadcast specific messages to the smartphones of people within a controlled geographic area. The SOLV solution also allows those wanting to share information about a missing person to do so easily. The SOLV Missing Persons too is simple, fast and efficient to use.

SOLV requires no special understanding of digital technology. You form your message on easy to use templates and receive information from the public through the unique webpage that SOLV technology generates specifically for each case.

If you are a Law Enforcement Agency, Emergency Response Agency or Missing Persons Charity / NGO Request a demo and see SOLV in action:

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